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Posted by 20th July // 17
Yukultji Napangati finalist in the Wynne Prize 2017

Yukultji Napangati has painted a beautiful painting which has been selected for the Wynne prize this year at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Napangati was one of the Pintupi artists (later known as the Pintupi Nine or The Last Nomads) who had their first contact with western people in 1984, making international headlines. The group had lived a traditional lifestyle in the desert, emerging only as water became scarce in the severe drought that year.

Yukultji Napangati and her extended family began painting for Papunya Tula Artists cooperative about 1996, 12 years after they came in to Kiwikurra, painting areas of the land that were important for food and ceremony near Lake McKay near the Northern Territory, Western Australian border.