Peter McQueeney

Peter McQueeney

A series of work, new to the gallery by Australian artist, Peter McQueeney have arrived. Inspired by the landscape in Tasmania, McQueeney’s paintings have a more subtle light and palate in comparison with his paintings featuring central Australia.

Peter McQueeney was born in Tasmania in 1941. He spent much of his life painting and traveling to find inspiration for his work, moving back to Tasmania from Sydney recently. Peter McQueeney works in acrylics and creates a sense of light and space with an expert hand. His work is included in many corporate and private collections both in Australian and internationally.

These paintings work as well in modern or traditional home environments and our experienced gallerists can assist in hanging and placing work in your home if you are in Sydney or arrange for economical shipping to most locations world wide.

View the paintings here or come into the gallery.



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