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Posted by 26th June // 19
New bronze limited edition by Eddie Wentorf

Eddie Wentorf developed a love for bronze as a sculptural medium during his training in the late 70’s. Formal training in commercial design, and extensive foundry experience led him to open his own foundry. With his sons David and Robbie he produces a wide range of Australian animals in their family-run foundry in NSW, Australia.

Wentorf  skillfully employs a traditional foundry casting technique to produce an exquisite range of bronze Australian animals. Every cast is unique. Each piece is first produced in wax that is then coated in a ceramic slurry to build a shell of 5mm thickness. The wax is removed under steam pressure and the ceramic shell fired to 1000° Celsius to remove the wax and vitrify the shell. Molten bronze is then poured into the shell. After cooling, each shell is sandblasted off to reveal the bronze. Each piece is patinated, polished and clear coated.

Eddie has spent many years looking at the Australian native fauna and how they move to capture their essence exactly. He plans down to the finest details such as the water on the coat of the platypus or the slight unruliness of the wombat. This gorgeous wombat is 40cm long and weights about 15kg. He is a limited edition of 10 so get in touch if you are interested in adding one to your collection.