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Posted by 5th March // 20
Yinarupa Nangala

Yinarupa Nangala has become known and celebrated for her depictions of the Mukula rockhole site near Jupiter Well. This was an important ceremony site and a source of food and water.

The details in her paintings relate to the land formations and the plants that grow in the area. The desert raisin, represented by the small circles, was used as a calorie dense food source, eaten straight off the bush or ground into a smooth paste for cooking. Bush tomatoes were collected and sometimes dried for later use.

In the Western desert the aerial depictions of the landscape were used in ceremony and as a teaching tool. Designs or maps were drawn on the ground and detailed explanations about where to look for food or water or the pathways of the ancestors were given to the younger members of a family or group. Aside from the cultural purpose or record the paintings are beautifully composed master pieces of the western desert art movement. Yinarupa was recognised as a finalist in the Art Gallery of NSW annual Wynne Prize in 2014 and her work is now displayed in many of the major institutions through out Australia.