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Australian Aboriginal and Contemporary Art Gallery

Gannon House Gallery exhibits Australian Contemporary Art and Indigenous Art in an historic house in The Rocks, Sydney and has been doing so for over 25 years. The artists exhibiting in the Gallery live and work in Australia and there is a particular emphasis on indigenous art and art which reflects the uniqueness of the Australian landscape.

With one of the largest collections of collectable Indigenous artwork the Gallery is able to show a considerable cross-section of work from each artist we represent and examples of work from many of the art producing communities in Australia. All artwork comes with a comprehensive information pack including certificates of authenticity and photographs of the artists with the work if available. Gannon House Gallery is also a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code.

The Australian Contemporary artists who exhibit at the gallery work in a range of mediums and styles including glass, ceramic, painting, sculpture in wood and metal and enamel.

Our glass artists come from all over Australia and with artists such as Noel Hart, Eileen Gordon, Grant Donaldson, Mark Thelie, Brenden French and many others on permanent display a visitor is always able to view the best Australian glass art.

Many of the artists included in the collection are represented by the major public galleries around Australia and internationally.

When you visit the gallery or ask a question online you will be answered by knowledgeable gallerists. We have a direct relationship with the artists we represent and have a depth of knowledge about the artists, communities and mediums in which they work.

Gannon House Gallery offers a personal delivery and hanging service for anyone in the Sydney region. We can bring a selection of work to your home to make sure the piece is right for your environment and install it in a safe and secure manner.