Gannon House Gallery is an Australian Art Gallery with a focus on collectable indigenous art from the Northern Territory. The gallery has worked with artists from communities in the Central and Western Desert and Arnhem Land for over 30 years, building one of the largest and unique collections of Aboriginal art in Australia. Many of the artists represented by the gallery have become internationally recognised. The collection also includes an extensive selection of artefacts and bark paintings from early artists and artisans working in Arnhem Land, collected over the last 40 years.


Gannon House is also signatory to the Indigenous Art Code, a commitment to ethical purchasing of indigenous art. All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and an information folio on the artist and their work.


Shown alongside the indigenous art are selected Australian contemporary artists, known for their ability to capture the Australian natural world through their imagery or materials. See our Contemporary Art Collection at Gannon Contemporary



How to Choose Aboriginal Art

Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes and with art it is no exception. What moves one person will be uninspiring to another. Gannon House Gallery has built a large collection over the last 30 years with quality artwork to suit every taste and budget.

If you are a collector we have an extensive selection of artwork by established artists, included in the collections of the recognised international  and Australian institutions.  All artwork comes with a certificate of Authenticity and information on the artist and provenence of the artwork where applicable. Many of the paintings also come with working photographs.

The artefacts and sculptures have been collected from communities, auction houses and personal connections over the last 30 years and give insight into the diversity of indigenous Australian culture.

 How the artwork will fit into your home, office or collection is also a consideration. With expertise in collection management and interiors Gannon House Gallery staff can guide your purchase.


Ethical Purchase

As outlined above Gannon House Gallery is a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code which recognises our long standing commitment to ethical dealings with communities and artists in some of the remotest parts of Australia. All artwork purchased from Gannon House Gallery comes with a certificate of authenticity from the community or from the gallery. The certificates include the title and size of the work, the name of the artist and any information we have about their subject matter and history and the date the work was painted or created. We work with over 150 different artists from all over Australia and have developed strong working relationships with all.


Getting My Artwork Home

If you live in Sydney withing a 30km radius of the city we can arrange for free delivery of artwork and if you would like to see the work in your home prior to purchase you are most welcome to organise a no obilgation visit with a selection of work to see in situ.

If you live elsewhere in Australia we can arrange for the artwork to be ecconomically couriered to you.

For international purchases we can arrange a door to door courier service to most countries. Prices include Australian Tax (GST) which is not payable on export. e.g a painting is AUD$2750, this painitng will be AUD$2500 + shipping and insurance. Insurance is 2.5% of the tax free purchase value. Please ask us for a quote. Many paintings can also be sent rolled in a tube for a flat rate of $100 + insurance.

Can I purchase a valuation for insurance?

We offer a valuation for insurance at the time of purchase at no charge. Please ask us.

If you have a collection of Aboriginal Art or paintings you have purchased in the past we can provide you with current estimates for replacement value. This service costs $125 for up to 4 artworks, $220 for between 5 and 8 artworks and $600 for 9-15 artworks. Please contact us for a quote if you have more that 15 artwork or if you would like more detailed research. OUr valuations include a report on any infromation about the artist and their recent activity, selected representative auction results for similar work and an estimate of the replacement value of the work.