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Gallery Services

Gannon House Gallery prides it’s self on providing exceptional customer service and our gallery services are one part of this. Choosing an artwork can be a daunting process when there is often more than just personal taste to consider. We can help you choose an artwork, provide information about the artist and the provenance and condition of older work,  provide documentation for insurance, arrange framing, hanging and installation and even commissioning of artwork.

Selecting an Artwork

Gannon House Gallery works with a large stock of artwork sourced directly from the artists or communities it represents.  For those living or working within 50 km radius of the gallery, this means we can bring a selection of paintings to your home or office to view in-situ, overnight if necessary, so you can see the paintings in different lights to make sure really make sure the painting will fit your space. One of our senior art consultants will bring the work to you and can provide advice on the artwork, hanging, artist profile and investment potential.

Installing your Purchase

Once you have purchased a painting we can arrange to have the painting hung or the artefact installed securely in your home. We also arrange for paintings to be framed to your specifications and delivered to your home.

 Sourcing or Commissioning Artwork

Gannon House Gallery works with over 500 different artists and 10 communities throughout Australia. We can arrange for artwork to be commissioned for  building or office projects or for a particular area in your home. Many of the artists we work with are happy to create a work for purpose although there are some artists who prefer not to work in this way. There may be an artist or style that is not currently available in the gallery but we can access if required. Talk to one of our consultants for more information or email the gallery with your request and we will endeavor to help.