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Gallery Services

Gannon House Gallery prides it’s self on providing exceptional customer service and our gallery services are one part of this. Our services cover all aspects of purchasing an artwork and once the artwork has been purchased we provide follow up services. These include updating  the profile of the artist or their prominence in the art market and providing information for insurance of the work or services to help you move or re frame a painting.

Choosing an artwork can be a daunting process when there is often more than just personal taste to consider. We can help you choose an artwork, provide information about the artist and the provenance and condition of older work,  provide documentation for insurance, arrange framing, hanging and installation and even commissioning of artwork.

All our artwork comes with a certificate of Authenticity and working photographs of the artists if available. we are able to provide research on the older artefacts and provide you with regularly updated information about the art market performance of a given artist if they are actively selling on the secondary art market.  Many insurance companies will ask for a valuation on the work they are insuring and we are able to provide a current retail price guide for artwork purchased from Gannon House Gallery, updated as required.

We can provide you with advice on the best conditions to store artwork if it is being stored for investment purposes and the best handling techniques for fragile work. Our framer has worked with us for over 15 years and provides a high quality framing service with almost limitless options.

Commissioning an artwork can be a fraught process as the imagination of the client does not always match that of the artist creating the work. We work very hard at being the best conduit between the artist and client and will keep working until there is a satisfactory outcome for both.