Anita Ganbuganbu

A relative of Yolgnu artist David Malangi, Anita Ganbuganbu paints for Bula-Bula arts in Ramingining. She began painting in the early 1990’s. Anita Ganbuganbu paints stories associated with the food sources in the area and the body paint designs used in ceremonies.

About Ramingining

Ramingining is a small remote community of around about 700 people, located in Central Arnhem Land, 400 kms east of Darwin and nearly 30 kms from the Arafura Sea. The tract of land upon which Ramingining township is built, is owned by the Djadawitjibi people of the Djinang group. Their principal creative being is Garrtjambal, the Red Kangaroo. Travelling from the south-east in the Roper River region across the mainland and over to Milingimbi, Garrtjambal links all the land-owning groups in the region.


In another time creative spirits wandered the earth in many forms including human, animal and climatic. As they traveled they created the features of the land, rivers, seas, hills, waterholes and rock formations. They created and controlled the movement of the sun and moon, stars, rain clouds and the tides.

They also established sacred laws and customs. It is through story telling and ritual, song and dance, carved and decorated images, ground paintings and bark paintings that religious power or influence is brought to bear on day to day life.

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