Aboriginal Art

Barbara Weir

Barbara Weir_l
Born in 1945, Weir is a prominent Anmatyarre artist who has been at the forefront of contemporary
Australian painting for some years. Her mother is was well known artist Minnie Pwerle and her father was Irish. In the 1940’s children of mixed race parents were taken away and their parents charged so Barbara became part of the “stolen generation,” only returning to Utopia to find her Mother in the late 1960’s. She gradually became re acquainted with her culture and learnt to speak her mothers language.

Her Aunt, Emily Pwerle was instrumental in her beginning to paint and there were many great role models such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre among others who were painting in the region.
Her stories include Bush Yam and Grass Seed Dreaming and although now executed on canvas she began
painting on Batik along with the other artists in the area.

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