Aboriginal Art

Bob Ali

Bob Ali is a painter from Maningrida. his work is ochre on bark and features the acquatic life from where the inhabitants of the island draw their livelihood.

He uses the easily recognisable cross hatching tecnique in the background of all his paintings. He was included in an exhibition that showed at the MCA in 2003.

About Art & Maningrida Comunity

This place, the creek and water, we love this country, we Aboriginal people. We love it. The old people were the same, attached to the water and this land. The old people, our grandfathers and grandmothers, great grandparents, our ancestors, they lived here in this place, put here for them. Ivan Namirrkki, Kuninjku artist, 2003

The Kuninjku homelands are situated in western Arnhem Land, in the far north of Australia. Sandstone escarpments crown dense, tropical eucalypt forests and grasslands, which open up on to the vast seasonal floodplains of the Tomkinson, Liverpool and Mann Rivers. The Kuninjku are neighboured in the north by Kunbarlang and Ndjébbana people, to the east by Gun-nartpa and Gurrgoni, to the south by Dalabon and Kune people and to the west by the culturally affiliated, yet distinct, Kunwinkju people. These language groups are part of the complex social network within western Arnhem Land, and have strong kin, ceremonial and artistic relationships.

Words courtesy Crossing Country, Education Kit
Art Gallery of New South Wales 25th Sep – 12 Dec 2004

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