Bob Ali

Maningrida artist, Bob Ali was born in 1969 and is a Buarra (Maringa) speaker from the Yilan, Burnbuwa outstation. Ali uses a range of techniques to create his artwork. His work on stringy bark features the aquatic life from around Maningrida, often important food sources to the Maringa people. He also carves elegant (burarra) egrets, common in his country, Yilan.

Maningrida Community

This place, the creek and water, we love this country, we Aboriginal people. We love it. The old people were the same, attached to the water and this land. The old people, our grandfathers and grandmothers, great grandparents, our ancestors, they lived here in this place, put here for them.

-Ivan Namirrkki, Kuninjku artist, 2003

Located in Arnhem land in the Northern Territory, Australia, Maningrida Arts has provided support to over 200 artists in their homelands and provided much needed employment in the area.

Maningrida and the other art producing communities in Arnhem Land use bark, carvings and fibre works to express djang (wangarr). Djang can be explained as a persons connection to the past, the spirit world and ancestors but can also be conceptualised as their connection to the living world and their placement with in it.

The artwork uses images of spirit figures, food sources or the tools for catching food, such as baskets and spears, as the main subject of artwork. Hollow logs or burial poles are also decorated with patterns particular to each artist who paints them.

The distinctive raark painting, using very fine lines in ochre colour to cover a surface, is also unique to each artist in style and application.

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