Aboriginal Art

Charlie Tjapangarti

CHarlie Tjapangarti
Born in the bush at Palinpalintjanya, north-west of Jupiter Well, Charlie Tjapangardi was a young man already initiated when Jeremy Long brought his family into Papunya with one of the last of the

Welfare Branch patrols in about 1964. At Papunya he worked for rations on the construction of buildings at the settlement.

Charlie began painting for Papunya Tula Artists in about 1978. He accompanied Billy Stockman and Andrew Crocker to America for an exhibition of the paintings in the ‘Mr Sandman Bring Me a Dream’ collection , which was the initial purchase of Western Desert art by the Holmes a Court collection.

Stories from the Tingari cycle are the usual subject of his paintings.

Selected Collections:

South Australian Museum, Adelaide
Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
Richard Kelton, USA
Holmes a Court, Perth

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