Jeannie Petyarre Pitjara

Jeannine Petyarre Pitjara

Jeannie Petyarre Pitjara was born in the early c.1950s at Boundary Bore, an outstation at Utopia station, east of Alice Springs in central Australia. . Jeannie is a niece of the great Emily Kame Kngwarreye,

sister of Rosemary Petyarre and half sister of Evelyn Pultara (2005 Telstra Award winner) and Greeny Purvis Petyarre, who passed away in 2010.

In 1988, Jeannie Petyarre Pitjara was part of the group who produced Batik work using desert design on silk and cotton which are now part of the Holmes a Court collection in Perth, WA. The exhibition travelled to the UK and Europe in 1988.
Jeannie was encouraged by her aunt, the famous Emily Kngwarreye to continue to paint her family’s Yam Dreaming when the artist began using Acrylics.

Jeannie’s is always representations of leaves collected around her country which are used for a
variety of medicinal purposes. In particular, she returns again and again to the subjects “Bush Yam Leaves” and “Bush Medicine Leaves”,

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