Kim West Napurulla

Kim West Napurulla was born in the Gibson Desert in 1960. After moving to Kiwikurra in the early 1980’s Napurulla and her family began painting for Papunya Tula Artist cooperative. Her brother is senior artist Bobby West and her husband another senior artist Yuendumu George.
Kim West Napurulla has painted with the senior women artists from Kiwikurra and was a contributor to the large Kiwikurra Women’s painting featured in the Papunya Tula, Genesis and Genius exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW in 2000.
As in many of the women’s paintings from Kiwikurra, Napurulla’s paintings feature women’s stories based around the women’s dreaming site of Marrapinti. The site, running along the Western Australian border with the Northern Territory, has water soakages, represented by circles in her paintings.

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