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Lindsay Bird Mpetyane

Lindsay Bird Mpetyanne

Lindsay Bird Mpetyane is a speaker for the Anmatyerre people and was born on the Bushy Park Station in 1935. Lindsay took part of his name after the owner of the station, Jim Bird . In his early years he worked on farms as a stockman, mustering sheep. His Aboriginal name is Artola Art Nanaka Yunga Areteca. He now lives together with his wife Mavis Petyarre, also an artist, and his three daughters in the Utopia area.He was involved in the famous batik project at Utopia and was one of the few male artists who participated. The artworks from this project toured Australia and overseas from 1977 to 1987.

Lindsay Bird Mpetyane was instrumental in making acrylic paintings more important at Utopia. He is also one of the few men from the area to become a well known artist.

Collectors and galleries throughout the world have keenly sought his
paintings. His dreamings include Prickle, Mulga Snake, Bloodwood trees, Bush Plum, Honey Ant and Woomera.

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