Nancy Ross Nungurrayi

Nancy Ross Nungurrayi was born in the desert at Karrku over the border from the Northern Territory in Western Australia. She came in out of the desert in the early 1950’s and lived latterly at Kintore, painting with members of her family. Her sister was well known artist, Ngata (Naata) Nungurrayi and her brother, George Tjungurrayi.

Nancy Ross, along with her siblings was commissioned to paint one of the feature paintings for the 2000 Papunya Tula, Genesis and Genius exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Her paintings refer to the women’s stories at Marrapinti and Karrku and feature the rock-holes, wind breaks and areas women gathered to perform ceremonies or find food and water.

Nancy Ross passed away in 2010 in Alice Springs.

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