Paddy Carrol Tjungarrayi

Paddy Carrols Tjungarrayi ‘s country and birthplace is Yarrungkanyi, north-west of Yuendumu. His father was Warlpiri/Anmatyerre, and his mother Luritja/Warlpiri, her country being the site of Winparrku near Haasts Bluff. Paddy Acrrol Tjungurrayi grew up in this area, the family coming in to Haasts Bluff and Yuendumu to collect rations of bread and tea. His father was shot by Europeans in the Coniston Massacre of 1928.

Paddy Carrol Tjungurrayi had extensive ceremonial knowledge as is indicated by the range of Dreaming stories depicted in his paintings, which include: Witchetty Grub, Wallaby, Yala (Bush Potato), Possum, Goanna, Woman, Man, Malyippi (Sweet Potato), Wapiti (Sweet Potato), Yawalyurra (Bush Grapes), Mukaki and other Bush Tucker stories, Carpet Snake, and Ngatijirri (Budgerigar).

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