Pansy Napangardi

Born at Haasts Bluff, Pansy Napangardi began painting traditional stories such as her hailstorm dreamings which depicts a particular hail storm even in the desert.

Like many artists, Pansy experiments with colours and shapes in conjunction with traditional dreaming story content. Her dreaming include Seven Sisters, Hail, Desert Rain and Two Women.

Pansy began painitng for the Papunya Tula artists in the early 1980’s and became one of the leading artists by the late 1980’s but later reverted to practising as an independent artist for a range of private dealers.  She won the national aboriginal art prize in 1989 and had an exhibition of her work at the Sydney Opera House in 1990.

Her sister, Eunice Napangardi, was a renowned Aboriginal artist, her youngest brother, Brogas Tjapangati paints for Papunya Tula. Pansy Napangardi is a careful artists who produces only a few paintings each year.

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