Wentja (Wentjiya) Napaltjarri

Wentjiya Napaltjarri (born between 1933 to 1940) (also spelt Wintjiya, Wintjia or Wentja), and also known as Wintjia Napaltjarri No. 1, is a Pintupi-speaking Indigenous artist from Australia’s Western Desert region. She is the sister of artists Linda Sydick Napaltjarri, Wentja 2 and Tjunkiya Napaltjarri; Tjunkiya and Wentjia were both wives of Toba Tjakamarra, with whom Wentjiya had five children.
Wintjiya’s involvement in contemporary Indigenous Australian art began in 1994 at Haasts Bluff, when she participated in a group painting project and in the creation of batik fabrics. She has also been a printmaker, using drypoint etching. Her paintings typically use an iconography that represents the eggs of the flying ant (waturnuma) and hair-string skirts (nyimparra). Her palette generally involves strong red, yellow or black against a white background.

Her work has recently been exhibited in Marking the Infinite , MOA, Vancouver, Canada.

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