Kurt and Heidi Beker

Poetry is the source of many of the sculptures in this collection. A sentence, a few words strung together, can spark off ideas. A world full of poetic images combined with the artists’ personal

history and experience form a fertile ground from which to draw inspiration. Kurt loves working with the human body in a detailed, humourous, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Heidi enjoys shapes, structures and vessels focusing on balanced form and textural quality. Together they create unique works of art, which reflect our human and sometimes inhuman struggle, with humour and a touch of irreverence.
The sculptures are made from stoneware clay fired to 1280o, glazed with a copper rust glaze and deco
underglaze colours. Other media used are metal stands, glass bowls, ceramic paints and liquid gold leaf. The vessels, plinths and bowls are wheel thrown by Heidi, and every figure is hand-modeled by Kurt. Ideas and designs are sometimes repeated but always with a new slant, posture or expression; no two sculptures are identical.

Kurt Becker—Biography

1941 Born Kassel, Germany
1959-63 School of Applied Arts, Werk Kunstschule Kassel
1963-68 Academy of Fine Arts, Kunst Akademie Kassel
1968 Graphic Designer & Art Director, Kreuser Studios Metzkausen
1970 Opened own graphic design studio, Dusseldorf
1974 Moved to Australia, became Art Director at Weston Advertising

Kurt and Heidi
1994 (group) Art of the Ordinary, Newport, Sydney
1995 (group) Fragments of our Imagination, Newport, Sydney
1996 (solo) Noosa Regional Gallery, QLD
1997 (solo) Myth and Mischief, Crafters Gallery, Tamborine Mountain, QLD
1998 (solo) Lovers and Loners, Fusions Gallery, Brisbane
1999 (solo) Naked Facts, Dome Gallery, Montville
(solo) Tongue and Cheek, Gallerie de l’art Erotique, Brisbane
2000 (solo) Boyd Fine Art Gallery, Camden, Sydney
2001 (group) Christmas Exhibition, Greenhill Galleries Adelaide

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