Len McCarthy

Len McCarthy first exhibited sculpture at a student group show at the Hogarth gallery in 1976. His interest in old toy designs led to the forming of a business, Good Ol Toys with partner Lynden Jacobi in which they have been making unique eighteenth and nineteenth century toys since 1991.
Always exploring ways in which to best show off the exquisite qualities in the wood he collects, he recently began experimenting with articulated pieces. After studying previous methods of making articulated objects he developed a unique simple new method of achieving a sinuous
articulated movement for which an Australian patent has been granted. These evolved into fish, each one individually shaped and hand cut bringing out its own unique character. They are made from selected pieces of found timber and burls. Their sinuous movement not only looks
beautiful but is wonderful to touch and each piece has its own unique sound.
I wanted to capture the sinuous movement, lightness and flexibility of a swimming fish in the hardness of timber. The undulating pieces click together and bring the fish to life.

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