Australian Contemporary Art

Noel Hart

Noel Hart is an Australian artist working across a range of art forms including blown glass sculptures, paintings, and mixed media.  His work is an exploration of biodiversity and its translation into forms of expression. A distinctive aspect of Noel’s art is the recurring theme of the bird motif presented abstractly and figuratively.

“I like wild things. whether wild species, landscapes, the weather, or the arts, I like it when I can sense a nearness to creation, creativity and the evolution of an idea”

Noel has developed a glassblowing technique inspired by the Middle Eastern core-formed glass from 3500 years ago, replacing the dung/clay core with an expandable glass bubble. Working with a team of glassblowers, the basic hot glass bubble is coated with multiple coloured parts that simulate the plumage of bird species in a painterly manner. A variety of minimalist forms are then blown from the hot glass which will either become finished stand alone works, or used in the creation of unique glass collages.

Watch Noel in action here

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