Australian Contemporary Art

Pat Murphy

Born in Holbrook, N.S.W. Pat has always had a love for drawing and enjoyed art during her school years. Her interest in oil painting was kindled while on their property near Binnaway with her husband Bernard and four small children. However, during this period in her life Pat had only limited time for painting, and it wasn’t until the family moved to the city to live that she was able to devote more time to her painting.

Pat has a natural talent and an understanding of the bush, which allows her to capture both the scene and the atmosphere on her canvas. Pat and fellow artists, frequently venture out to the bush in search of new and inspirational scenes. These have ranged from panoramas, to serene rivers, coastal vistas and lovely old gold mining towns, highlighting the features of these areas such as the huge old river gums, the mist in the Blue Mountains and the cows and sheep grazing in contentment. These trips also allow Pat to meet the people of the area, again aiding her ability to capture the true essence of a place. It is through learning their stories and understanding the
history of a place that Pat is further able to enhance the feeling of country life.Pat is a member of the Ku-Ring-Gai Art Society, and has held many group and solo exhibitions since 1980. Recently Pat has had her paintings reproduced in print.Pat is well represented in many private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas,

* Australian Artists Exhibition, London,
* Bank of America
* Berger Paints British Paints
* Commonwealth Bank, London
* The Rice Board
* Government of the Republic of China
* Johnson & Johnson
* Mitsubishi Electric
* Wormald International

and many management boardrooms.

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