Australian Contemporary Art

Steve Kalcev

Sydney based artist, Steve Kalcev was born in Macedonia in 1950. He came from an artistic family, that nurtured his artistic ambitions. He attended the College of Fine Art in Skopje from 1968 until 1971 where he learnt the disciplines and theory of fine art.

In 1971 Steve Kalcev was offered a position to work on the conservation and restoration of Fresco paintings from the 14th Century Byzantine Basilica in Prilep, Macedonia. From 1971 to 1973 he was also invited as a consultant to the restoration programs in Germany, Austria. Belgium, Holland and Switzerland.  This experience kindled his already keen interest in the development of culture and linguistics over time.

He is a painter who has developed his own method of building the oil paint onto board, giving his work an earthy, rock like texture. By incorporating symbols and scraps of text into his work he conserves cultural imprints and situations from the societies of the past.

After extensive traveling and working on commissions in restoration he settled back in Macedonia and began teaching. In 1976 he immigrated to Australia where he has spent his time developing an impressive portfolio of work.

He has been included in many corporate collections worldwide and his work can be seen on display in the Fairfax building in Sydney, among others. His paintings are also included in private collections in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, New Zealand, Switzerland and France.

Kalcev passed away in 2019.

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