Australian Contemporary Art


Gannon House Gallery displays enamel work by Tibor and Kamilla Szakos. Their artwork consists mainly of enameled copper panels in classic “Limoges” style from the 15th and 16th century.

Enamel is basically composed of layers of powdered glass and fired onto metal plates at temperatures between 800 to 950 degrees Celsius. Tibor Szakos also etches the copper plates to create texture in his work.

The art of fusing coloured enamels onto precious metal dates back to ancient Egypt. During the Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic periods, Goldsmiths and Jewelers would use this process of enameling as substitutes for precious metals. The popularity of enamel throughout the ages was due, not only to its great variety of colour and design, but also to its durability and resistance to wear.

Kamilla Szakos tends towards religious iconography and renaissance scenes in her work and has a particular skill in achieving beautiful skin tones on her subjects.

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