Gannon House Gallery exhibits a variety of styles of art  and craft on worked Australian Timbers.

Artist Geoffrey Bromilow creates beautiful sculptural work out woods such as Huon Pine, Olive and Red Gum among others. He uses old timber sourced after bush fires or naturally dead trees. He uses the natural grains and imperfections in the wood as features and elements of the human body.

Wood turners, Phil Bourke and Ron LeClerc are both featured at Gannon House Gallery. They use mainly burl from Mallee, Coolibah, Red Gum, Iron Bark and Black Butt.

Eucalyptus Camadulensis or Red Gum usually grows on the banks of streams and water courses in dry open countryside. The burl growths are formed on the side of the tree

creating interlocking growth patterns. The red burls are now becoming rare to find.

Gannon House Gallery also has gorgeous boxes by Drew Badcock. He works in a range of timbers including Myrtle, Huon Pine, Ash, and blackwood.

Popular for gifts, Len McCarthy makes fish out of native timbers. He uses brass and stainless steel between the segments of timber to allow the fish to move.

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