Angel Full of Grace


King Billy Pine


Geoff Bromilow is an Australian wood sculptor who specialises in the

creation of sumptuous art from fallen timber.

Geoff Bromilow’s exquisite objets d’art combine his strong connection with the land and

admiration of the female form to create dynamic and sensual works

Geoff Bromilow uses River Redgum, Huon and King Billy Pine to create works of simplicity,

rather than complexity, with flowing lines, elegant forms and natural beauty.

Always refining his methodologies and striving to reach an ‘aesthetic nirvana’,


dynamic and sensual works have evolved from the continual re-evaluation of his


Beginning his career as an arborist in the early 1980s, Bromilow started his own timber

recycling business following the Ash Wednesday bushfires that devastated much of south-eastern Australia.

An artist and conservationist, Bromilow began work as a professional wood sculptor in 1995.

He says “When I’m in the studio working on any wood sculpture, I am aware of the

creative power flowing through all life and through the wood… I am at peace knowing that I can release the divine force inherent in its substance – a materiality that has come into being over hundreds, or even thousands of years. What an honour to work with these beautiful timbers.


Geoff Bromilow sees the tragedy of the ancient forest giants unique to Tasmania being felled by logging as “a long shadow hanging over the Australian subcontinent – a shadow that will become a ‘black hole’ in the next five to 20 years.”

By sculpting these and other rare timbers, like the Murray River Redgum – currently

dying from lack of water, Bromilow hopes to create artworks of enduring beauty that pay

homage to the majestic trees that once dominated these landscapes.

Bromilow’s award winning work appears in galleries and private collections in Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK, France, Luxemburg, Germany and Scandinavia. When admiring Bromilow’s work, one can see that his spirit truly resides somewhere amongst the grains of the timber he so lovingly transforms from waste to wonder.



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