Bush Yam


2014 – Painting, Central Desert, 145 x 90cm

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Anna Pitjara paints Yam dreamings, including Bush Yam dreaming as depicted in this painting. Anna lives at Mulga Bore, near the general store with her husband Colin, an outstation at Utopia, approx 220 Km from Alice Springs.  They have two daughters and a son, she is also has five grandchildren. Anna Was taught to paint by her famous cousin, Gloria Petyarre and her Aunt Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

As a traditional Aboriginal women Anna is involved in sacred ceremonies and paints aspects of  Aboriginal women’s body paint connected to those ceremonies.  Her plant totem, The Bush Yam, has been a staple food for the Aboriginal people of the desert for countless years.  The Bush Yam’s seeds are gathered by the women of Utopia and ground to make flour for damper.

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