Galina Yurakova

Violet Flowers


2018 – 120 x 120 cm

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Galina Yurakova uses oils to paint her very detailed representations of the Australian landscape and seascapes. This painting is inspired by the Ocean in the Summertime.

Galina Yurakova recently learnt to swim and enjoys painting the dynamism of the water lapping the shoreline.

A Sydney based artist, Galina Yurakova was born in 1935, She graduated with a Diploma of Fine Art in 1960 and has painted extensively since then.
Fleeing the aftermath of Chernobyl and the breakdown of Communism in the Soviet Union, Galina and her family came to Australia. An accomplished artist, Galina has painted and exhibited throughout NSW since her arrival and has encouraged her children to do the same. Her Daughter, Svetlana won the National Art Prize in the Ukraine at the age of sixteen and has continued to paint .

It was only a couple of years ago that Galina Yurakova learnt to swim. Her experience has greatly influenced her recent works which depict the light and depth of the sea. She also has a deep
fascination with the desert flowers and continues to paint this subject through the changing
seasons. Her use of light and texture brings the subjects she paints to life.

She paints with oil paints and builds the layers to create texture in her work. She is also very adept at using light to create feeling in her work. Particularly her Ocean scenes can evoke darkness and foreboding as well as lightness and happiness depending on her mood.



Union of Artists Foundation of Ukraine
Museum of Kiev
Ministry of Culture, Ukraine
Numerous private collections within Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.



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