Lupulnga, Rock Hole Site and Hair-string


– Painting, Western Desert, 142 x 60cm


Product Description

About Lupulnga

This painting depicts designs associated with the site of Lupulnga, a rockhole situated south of the Kintore Community. The Peewee (small bird) Dreaming is associated with this site, as well as the Kungka Kutjarra (Two Travelling Women Dreaming). During mythological times, a group of ancestral women visited this site, holding ceremonies associated with the area before continuing their travels north to Kaakuratintja (Lake MacDonald), and after to the Kintore area. The lines in the painting represent spun hair-string which is used in the making of nyimparra (hair-belts), which are worn by both men and women during ceremonies.

Painted in 2005

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 152 x 66 x 5 cm
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Rolled, Stretched/Framed


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