Honey Eater on Boulder Opal

Limited Edition, 2018


Chris Gavins is an Australian born sculptor now living with his family in Queensland. His work in bronze, glass and opal is highly prized by Australians and overseas visitors who appreciate fine work and the beauty of this great land. Chris Gavins has been working with Bronze for over 20 years and exhibits his work at Gannon House Gallery. He chooses the opal based on it’s colour and form and creates the beautiful bronze using the lost wax method of sculpting.

Lost Wax Casting
To produce a sculpture using the “Lost Wax” casting method takes considerable time and effort which is not fully appreciated just looking at the finished article. An original is made from which a mold is taken. From this mold a wax pattern is produced. The pattern is then coated in ceramic, which, after it has dried, is shock burnt out at 1000 degrees celsius. The wax is lost and a shell remains. Into this shell molten metal is poured. After cooling, the ceramic shell is smashed to reveal the sculpture now cast in bronze. (This method ensures the originality of each piece. The bronze is then finished using techniques which include sandblasting, chasing, patinating and polishing. In all, over 20 separate operations are used to produce an original work of art in bronze



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