Lady in Mucha Style


2015 – Enamel on Copper, 20 x 12cm

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This work by Australian artist Kamilla Szakos is enamel on copper and features a lady in mucha style.

Czech artist Alphonso Mucha was famous for his commercial posters, which had a wide audience, but he also worked in a variety of other media, including furniture, jewelry, and theatrical sets. He mostly worked in Vienna and Paris, but was also in Chicago, where he taught at the Art Institute, from 1904 to 1910. There, he introduced his interpretation of the “new art” to a United States audience. The densely patterned posters epitomize the Art Nouveau interest in natural forms, decoration, and a rejection of the anonymity of mechanical production.

Key Ideas

Women were a common theme in Mucha’s work (and in Art Nouveau art in general). The femme nouvelle or “new woman” type was a favorite subject, since it served both allegorical and decorative purposes. Indeed, Mucha and his peers celebrated femininity as the antidote to an overly-industrialized, impersonal, “masculine” world.
Mucha worked in a variety of media that were accessible to a wide audience, and so the reach of his art extended beyond the borders of “high art.” Everything could be a work of art, encompassing a person’s daily experience, from wallpaper to furniture to clothing to promotional posters around the city.
Although Mucha is most associated with his Art Nouveau posters, he spent the latter of half of his career focused on projects of a nationalist character. Stirred by a pride in his country and an interest in its artistic traditions, Mucha sought to celebrate the history and mores of Czech culture.

Kamilla Szakos artworks consist mainly of enameled copper panels in classic “Limoges” style from the 15th and 16th century.

The art of fusing coloured enamels onto precious metal dates back to ancient Egypt. During the Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic periods, Goldsmiths and Jewelers would use this process of enameling as substitutes for precious metals. The popularity of enamel throughout the ages was due not only to its great variety of colour and design, but also to its durability and resistance to wear. Even though these artists are popular among collectors, Tibor and Kamilla are now one of the very few working to this level in the enamel medium. You can read more about the history of enameling here.

Tibor Szakos is a visual artist and interior designer. His studies in Hungary and Czechoslovakia led him to work as an artist specializing in metal. He undertook many commissions to make many murals and large scale works in copper and steel.

Kamilla Szakos’ father is a well known graphic artist in Budapest.

From 1991 – 1995 they both studied fine enamel art in the international creative workshops in Kecskemet in Hungary. It is an important school for all European goldsmiths and metal artists.  After these workshops Tibor and Kamilla work at an increasingly  high standard.

The National Enamel Exhibition in Sydney exhibits their enamel work and has done since 1993.

Gannon House Gallery represents Tibor and Kamilla Szakos in Sydney.


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