Tali (Sand hills)


2011 – Painting, Western Desert, 220 x 110cm

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This painting by Lily Kelly Napangati shows the shimmering movement in the sand as the wind shifts the top layer. Lily Kelly’s paintings use very fine dot work to achieve the effect of movement to the viewer. We have just received a new painting by Lily Kelly, a little smaller than the other paintings by Lily Kelly we have in the Gallery.

DOB: c. 1948

Lily Kelly Napangardi was born at Haasts Bluff in the Northern Territory around 1948. She moved to the newly established settlement of Papunya in the 1960s. During her time in Papunya, Lily Kelly Napangardi engaged in painting activities, notably assisting with works by her husband Norman Kelly.

Lily Kelly Napangardi returned to Mt Liebig with her husband in the early 1980s. Lilly is one of the senior Law Women of the community, teaching the younger women traditional dancing and singing. Her language is Luritja. Lilly is a respected senior law woman of the community imparting knowledge of traditional songs and dancing to the younger generation.

Lily Kelly Napangardi began painting in the early 1980s, developing her fine dot style. Lily’s hypnotic ‘Sand Hills’ paintings are made up of fine dots and dashes, their muted tones building up a mysterious, hidden topography of her land.

These paintings portray the depiction of the “Tali”, sand hills located near her homelands. The microscopic dots show the impact of the rain and the wind as it moves across the countryside. This story was passed to her by her father and the sand hills (Tali) are a site of significance for the artist and her family

Lily Kelly Napangardi is a highly collectible artist with a strong following: she is represented in major national and international collections.

1999 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs
2000 Graham Marshall Gallery, Adelaide
2001 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs;
2002 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs.
2002 Telstra Awards;
2003 Telstra Awards
2003 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art showing at Mary Place Gallery, Sydney
2003 Graham Marshall Gallery, Adelaide;
2003 Telstra Awards; 2003 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art Span Galleries, Melbourne;
2003 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs;
2004 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art showing at Span Galleries, Melbourne,
2004 Mary Place Gallery, Sydney
2004 Graham Marshall Gallery, Adelaide.

National Gallery of Queensland Brisbane
The Kerry Stokes Collection, Australia;
National Gallery of Australia Canberra;
Art Gallery of New South Wales – Sydney;
Art Gallery of South Australia – Adelaide;
National Gallery of Victoria – Melbourne;
Holmes A Court Collection Perth;
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Darwin;
Art bank Sydney;
The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, USA;
Thomas Vroom Collection, Amsterdam;


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