Untitled (Men’s Story)


106 x 142cm, 1999


Paddy Carrol Tjungurrayi comes from Yarrungkanyi, north-west of Yuendumu. His father was Warlpiri/Anmatyerre, and his mother Luritja/Warlpiri, her country being the site of Winparrku near Haasts Bluff. Paddy grew up in this area, the family coming in to Haasts Bluff and Yuendumu to collect rations of bread and tea.

Carrol’s father was shot by Europeans in the Coniston Massacre of 1928. Paddy Carrol Tjungurrayi knew little of his father’s country as his mother reloctaed the family and refused to speak of it. Two of Paddy’s brothers fled to Queensland. They finally met up again when Paddy was a young man in his early twenties, and they found themselves in the same army unit stationed in Elliott near Darwin during World War II. Jimmy Kitson , a leading ceremonial figure in the Willowra community, is also Paddy’s brother.

After the war, Paddy lived in Alice Springs and Darwin, working across the country as a carpenter and stockman. He worked for thirty years at Narwietooma station, droving cattle across the Tanami and helping to lay telegraph lines in remote areas. He began painting in about 1977 when John Kean was running Papunya Tula Artists. Paddy and his family were living at Three Mile Bore, an outstation of Papunya. Paddy’s extensive ceremonial knowledge is indicated by the range of Dreaming stories depicted in his paintings, which include: Witchetty Grub, Wallaby, Yala (Bush Potato), Possum, Goanna, Woman, Man, Malyippi (Sweet Potato), Wapiti (Sweet Potato),


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