Untitled – Rockhole site


151 x 121cm , 2007

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Nancy Ross Nungarrayi has been painting since the early 1990’s. Initially assisting the men in painting their stories and she, along with other women from Kintore (Warluguru), began painting in their own right in the
early 1990’. Nancy Ross Nungurrayi began painting for Papunya Tula artists in 1997 and contributed to the painting of the the large womens painting commissioned by the Art Gallery of NSW as a feature for the Papunya Tula Genisis and Genius exhibition in 2000.

Nancy’s sister, Naata Nungarrayi (C.1927) was also part of original group of Kintore women to paint.
Nancy painted women’s ceremony in relation to her birth place, north of the Kintore ranges, near Lake McKay, (Walatu).