Rain Dreaming – Kalipimpa


123 x 70cm, 2001, ghlj104 verso


One of the founding members of the Papunya painting movement, Long Jack Phillipus was born at Kalipimpa, north east of Kintore, in 1932. This place is considered an important Rain Dreaming site. As a traditional Warlpiri man, Long Jack Phillipus spent his earlier years in the bush country west of Mt Farewell. When he was a teenager, he and his family resided at Haasts Bluff. Long Jack found

employment there, working as a timber contractor and also as a stockman. He married Georgette Napaljarri and they have two sons, three daughters and a number of grandchildren. During the early 1970s, Long Jack had served as a board member at Papunya Tula Artists and was instrumental in bringing together the

disparate tribal groups. The subjects some of the men were painting caused disputes  as there were sensitive subjects specific to a particular group, not to be shown in artwork to the rest of the world.

Along with Billy Stockman and Dinny Nolan, Long Jack painted some of the smaller murals around Papunya School. These early paintings prompted and ushered in to the wider art world the large Honey Ant Dreaming mural. As a consequence of these early works the Aboriginal acrylic art movement was founded and Long Jack Phillipus is an intergral part of that history.

Long Jack paints the Wallaby, Kingfisher, Hare, Dingo and other Dreamings in the Mt Singleton area. Long Jacks depictions of Dreaming (the ancestral time of creation) uses abstracted symbols to highlight the

importance and life giving properties of water and food in a desert environment.

In 1984, Long Jack was ordained as a Lutheran Pastor, the spiritual aspects of his own culture fitting into the missionary teachings. Long Jack is a devout and introspective person, creating compelling traditional Aboriginal images of remarkable spiritual intensity.

Prizes awarded to Long Jack include the NT Golden Jubilee Art Award, 1983 and the Alice Springs Art Prize, 1984. He was one of the first artists from the area to have his work exhibited in Europe and North America.



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