Untitled – Rockholes Mukula GHYIN223


2018 – Painting, Western Desert, 148 x 90cm

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Yinarupa Nangala lives in Kintore and paints in Kintore and Alice Springs. She is a well known aboriginal artist and her profile continues to grow as she perfects her rendition of her story. Yinarupa Nangala paints in Acrylics on linen as do many of the other artists from the Kintore Community.  This painting by Yinarupa Nangala depicts the rockholes and sites sacred to the Pintupi people of the western desert. Yinarupa Nangala uses very thick application of paint to create the texture in her painting. Her stories are descriped in the darker pattern, in this case using black paint, this is then obscured by the white dotting over some of the patterns to hide the sacred aspects of the story.

Aboriginal paintings in the western desert commonly tell stories that are only fully disclosed to the initiated. The visual strength of these aboriginal paintings allow then to stand out as artwork in their own right.


Yinarupa describes her painting that made her a finalist in the anual Wynne prize in 2014 by the following quote “This painting depicts designs associated with the rock hole site of Mukula, east of Jupiter Well in Western Australia. During ancestral times, a large group of women from the west stopped at this site to perform ceremonies associated with the area. The women, represented in the painting by the ā€˜Uā€™ shapes then continued east. As they travelled they gathered a variety of bush foods including kampurarrpa berries (desert raisin) from the small shrub Solanu centrale and pura (bush tomato) from the Solanum chipppendalci plant.

The shapes in the painting represent the features of the country through which they traveled as well as the bush foods they gathered.


Yinarupa Nagala has a large painting and several prints in the collection at the Art Gallery of NSW

– Yinarupa Nangala, 2014 sourced from the AGNSW

You can see more of Yinarupa’s paintings here https://gannonhousegallery.com/product-category/aboriginal-art/artists/yinarupa-nangala/

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