Untitled – Tjutalpi


122 x 60cm, 2008


Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula was born near Tjungimata in the Northern Territory approximately 1930 and he passed away in 2016.

Johnny Yungut commenced painting for Papunya Tula Artists in 1997 and continued to paint for them until 2013 when he bagan painting for other dealers. He has been the focus of several Western desert Art Exhibitions including one solo exhibition.  Johnny Yungut was the last surviving man of his generation for his local group in the Kiwikurra area.

As befits his age and ritual standing, he had a large repertoire of Dreaming subjects, including a number of sites in his father’s country around Kiwirrkurra: to the west, the sandhill site of Ngalpurrunya and the Pulyulnga soakage waters just out of Kiwirrkurra; Tjuntulpul rockhole and Tilunga rockhole and rocky outcrop just east of Kiwirrkurra; to the south, the rockhole and soakage site of Ngaminya; and, to the north, the claypan and soakage water of Tjutalpi.

Hi uses thick applications of paint to create texture in his work. Often using the traditional concentric circles and squares to represent his dreaming sites but using colours that are a bit unusual.

His paintings are shown in the Art Gallery of NSW, The National Gallery, Victoria,

The Aboriginal Art Collection, The Netherlands, The Museum of Fine Arts in Seattle among others.


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