Walk in the Sun


Mixed Media on Canvas, 77 x 77cm, 2019

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Walk In the Sun

Conchita Carambano arrived in Australia as a child in 1969 after her parents emigrated from Spain. She graduated from Sydney school of Arts in 1981 and completed her postgraduate degree in 1983.

I’ve been painting since I left school, where immediately after, I attended art school and thought what a wonderful place this is. I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – paint and create.

She has become well known for her simple abstract style. Her paintings use mixed media on canvas and have a texture and whimsy that is appealing in a range of situations from modern to traditional. Her painting “In Preparation uses her mixed media technique to great effect.

Carambano exhibits widely in Australia and has work on permanent display in Gannon House Gallery in Sydney.

Whenever I face a blank piece of large, good quality paper or canvas I know right away that I need to touch it and feel the quality – open the palettes, squeeze the paint tube and watch the vibrant, muted oils, acrylic or just pastel chalk in my hand, and know that this beautiful piece of white paper will soon come alive in the form of a drawing or painting.

he sources that inspire me are usually found all around us – nature being the main one. During my development, I have been able to focus on nature and the incredible sensation I get from being able to transfer the feelings I encounter and the inspiration that which drives me to transfer these feelings onto virgin paper. Because at times these inspirations come to me when I’m unable to paint, I have developed a sense whereby I ‘store’ these ideas and at times I find that when I do this I have the ability to expand on the initial idea and I feel that this sometimes take on the form of the ‘new direction’ within my painting that I sometimes encounter.

I experience both beautiful and sad things through everyday life and these experiences generate a strong need to paint. Using colour through this wonderful medium, I express what I see and feel, and in turn I learn and discover new ways in which to express what I feel and the ideas that enter my mind.

When I start a painting, I focus on an idea or experience I once encountered, and let my feelings take control. At times the reaction I get is that the painting starts to take on a completely new direction to the initial one I had in mind. It takes on its own character as it were, however I am its creator and to this extent I have complete control over the end result. Because I detect this ‘character’, I’m able to detect the new direction that the painting is taking and stay in complete control of its final outcome. I feel this is important to an artist. I can

honestly say that when I paint a painting based on a sad feeling, I can always look at it and find it very beautiful and rewarding.

I’m content in the realisation that everyone that sees one of my works, do so through different interpretations, thus giving it a new ‘feeling’ to the original that I intended. I love the sense of knowing that my work takes on

different interpretations and appearances when hung in unknown homes and offices. It becomes more a child born to me.

Being an artist is my life, and in no way could I imagine being, or doing, anything else


  •  Art Images, Adelaide
  • Art-Frame, Double Bay
  • Bonython Meadmore, Woollahra
  • Boyd Gallery, Camden, NSW
  • Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney
  • Eaglehawk, Glebe
  • Framed Gallery, Darwin
  • Gallery 368, Crows Nest
  • Gallery One, Petersham
  • Gannon House Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney
  • Graphis, Woollahra
  • Hester Gallery, Newtown
  • Holdsworth Gallery, Darlinghurst
  • Istral Gallery, Woollahra
  • Linton & Kay Contemporary, Perth
  • Mahoneys Gallery, Melbourne
  • Manyung Gallery, Victoria
  • Naïve Gallery, Woollahra
  • Praxis Gallery, Victoria
  • Quadrivium, Sydney
  • Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
  • Salmon Gallery, McMahon’s Point
  • SOHO Galleries, Sydney
  • The Rocks Gallery, The Rocks
  • Trevor Victor Harvey, Seaforth
  • Without Pier Art gallery, Melbourne

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Dimensions 152 x 62 x 4 cm


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