Untitled – Men’s Story


120 x 180 cm, 2017


Born on a hillside east of Kiwikurra in the late 1950s, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri was one of a small party of Pintupi whose arrival in Kiwirrkura in 1984 made national headlines.  Until this point, at the age of about twenty-five,

Warlimpirrnga had never encountered Europeans and their ways. The group had been following their traditional lifestyle in the area west of Lake Mackay. After three years at the settlement, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri (As Recorded by The Sydney Morning Herald) approached Daphne Williams of Papunya Tula Artists with the request that he be allowed to paint. The other artists instructed him in the use of paint and canvas, and he completed his first painting for the company in April 1987. His first 11 paintings were exhibited in Melbourne at the Gallery

Gabrielle Pizzi in 1988, the entire group being purchased by the National Gallery of Victoria. Warlimpirrnga is married with a son and paints Tingari stories for his country, around the sites of Marua and Kanapilya. He is the brother of Walala Tjapaltjarri and Thomas Tjapaltjarri, also artists and his wife is well known painter Yalti.

In 2000 Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri was one of four men who traveled to Sydney for the Opening of the Papunya Tula, Genesis and Genius Exhibition at the AGNSW where he participated in the making of designs in sand. In 2012 his work  featured in Documentia, an exhibition in Kassel in Germany. In 2015 he was taken to New York and several  other cities in the US for the opening of a solo exhibition of his work at Studio 94. This exhibition traveled to  to the Perez Art Musuem in Miami among other destinations in the US. In 2016 a record price ($248000) was achieved for one of the paintings Gabrielle Pizzi had as a part of her collection at Sotheby’s in London.

Images of Pintupi 9 from The Australian (News publication)



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