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Browse the latest Aboriginal Art to come into the gallery or spend some time looking through the large collection of paintings and artifacts dating back to the mid 1980’s. All work is ethically sourced from communities or artists living and working in Australia. We are a signatory to the indigenous art code and strive to present work in a way reflective of the culture it comes from.

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New Paintings

We have been working very hard to get some new work from the remote Northern Territory into the Gallery. As you can appreciate the added burden of Covid has made this difficult but we hope you will continue to look at our website and socials for new work as they arrive. Coming soon, paintings by Anna Pitjara, Jeannie Mills Pwerle, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri and Thomas Tjapaltjarri.

Anna Petyarre

About the new collection by Anna Petyarre, Anmatyerre artist from Utopia.

Mitjili Napurrula

Mitjili Napurrula painted the stories inherited from her father. Told for hundreds of generations and latterly applied to canvas her paintings are unique.

Lily Kelly Napangardi

Lily Kelly Napangardi paints stunning paintings of the sandhills in the western desert.

Vale Ms Petyarre

Vale Ms Petyarre Ms Petyarre passed away after a long illness in June 2021. She worked with Gannon House Gallery for nearly 20 years and from her earliest paintings become one of our most popular artists. Petyarre began her art making in batik in 1977 with a group...

Explore the Collector's Room

Come into the Gallery or view the collection online. Artists such as Warlimpiirnga Tjapaltjarri, Willy Tjungurrayi, Lily Kelly Napangardi and Yukultji Napangardi are in high demand while Makinti Napanangka, Dorothy Napangardi and George Tjungurrayi continue to attract attention from dedicated collectors.

Gannon Contemporary Art

For the last 30 years Gannon House Gallery has exhibited artwork by artists living and working in Australia. Greg Hyde, Rachel Carmichael, Geoff Bromillow, Conchita Carambano, Noel Hart and Eileen Gordon and Grant Donaldson from Gordon Glass are some of the most popular. We now have a dedicated website for contemporary art. Click below to view the collection.

Feature Artist

Born in 1932 Willy Tjungurrayi became known for his visual intrepretations of traditional Pintupi song cycles. Most of these reference the travels of the ancestors as they created the landscape. In his later work he became fascinated by a dramatic hailstorm event that occurred at Kaakuratintja in the Western desert. The resulting paintings demonstrate his skill, applying the paint rhythmically across the large canvas while singing the song lines.

Gannon House Gallery has developed a large collection of his paintings painted from 1999 through to 2018 when he passed away. You can see the collection below.

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