Untitled - Yinarupa Nangala

Yinarupa Nangala

Untitled, 2021

109 x 97 cmAcrylic on Linen
Yinarupa paints her traditional land where the women gather to conduct ceremonial business or collect food. The sacred designs she paints are associated with the rockhole site of Mukula (an area near Juniper Well in WA). These places are also sites where the women gather the seeds of the native Acacia. The women are represented in her paintings by the ‘U’ shapes. As they travel they gather a variety of bush foods including kampurarrpa berries (desert raisin) from the small shrub Solanu centrale and pura (bush tomato) from the Solanum chipppendalci plant. They collect the seeds and grind it into flour and eventually bake bread from this. Her paintings also commonly show rockholes which are important water sources in the desert. During ancestral times a large group of women came from the west and stopped at this site to perform the ceremonies associated with the area.